Upcoming Events

  • July 2015 - NFRW’s Region 7 Spring Meeting in Huntsville, AL

~ Please check back often, as we are continually updating this information.~


Here are a few highlights of past club activities:

 Supporting our Republican candidates:

  • Staffing the Lexington Republican Victory office.
  • Making phone calls on behalf of candidates.
  • Putting together mailings for campaign events and fundraisers.
  • Helping campaign for candidates by walking neighborhoods and distributing campaign literature.
  • Inviting Republican candidates to speak at our meetings and at special events.
  • Raising money to contribute to candidate campaign funds





 Hearing from our Republican candidates:

  • Lexington Republican Women (FCRWC & WROCK) sponsored Candidate Forums:We also hear from our Republican candidates during our luncheons, fundraisers and other events throughout the year.
    • Spring Forum to hear from Republican candidates facing a primary in May
    • Fall Forum to hear from Republican candidates running in the general election
  • We also hear from our Republican candidates during our luncheons, fundraisers and other events throughout the year


 Raising candidate awareness and funds to support the campaigns of Republican candidates with these special events:

  • Wine & Cheese Party
  • Holiday Luncheon & Auction at Spindletop with live entertainment
  • 'Don't put your Derby Hats Away' Fundraiser
  • 'Fun, Funds, and Fellowship' Fundraiser event at the historic Bodley Bullock House in Lexington
  • Spring Fling candidate fundraiser featuring fabulous food, fellowship, and musical entertainment.




 Supporting the Lexington Dunbar High School Young Republicans Club

  • Arranging field trips for students to view the legislative chambers in action and visit Republican representatives.
  • Helping at school events to promote student involvement in the political process.
  • Sponsoring Student/Teacher voter registration.
  • Helping students learn about state and national issues.
  • Coaching students for debate with Young Democrats.
  • Inviting Republican legislators and candidates to speak at your club meetings and events.



 Legislative Day:

  • Watching our lawmakers in action at our state capitol in Frankfort, KY
  • Sitting in on Committee meetings
  • Viewing the proceedings in the KY House and Senate
  • Meeting with our Republican Legislators
  • Participating in an informal Q & A with our women Republican Legislators.
  • Touring the capitol and grounds




 Other Events:

  • Summer day trip to our capital city, Frankfort, KY
  • Republican Picnic fundraiser for Candidates
  • Learning how to use the new voting machines.
  • Hearing from interesting speakers on a variety of topics.
  • Hearing from our local and state Republican representatives
  • Sending care packages to support our troops.
  • Walking in Lexington's Fourth of July Parade and manning the Fayette GOP Booth.
  • Working together to build a strong club.
  • Having fun!




 Please come join with us as we strive to promote Republican policies in the local, state, and national arena!